Teeth whitening

In our clinic we uses Whitesmile FLÄSH whitening system. Whitesmile  has more then 20 years of experience in Germany of producing whitening products.

To whiten or not to whiten?

In reality, one-time chemical whitening of all teeth with a whitening gel is several times safer than constant erosion with most whitening toothpastes on sale or even pastes for everyday use that contain abrasive particles.

If the teeth in the whitening area are clean, without visible fillings, significant erosion, and exposed tooth necks, then the whitening process is permitted after every couple of years.

However, it is very important how and with what it is done!!!

FLÄSH teeth whitening is an effective and quick method to get sparkling white teeth. You can get up to 4 tones lighter teeth with a process that lasts for approximately two hours. The whitening agent is hydrogen peroxide, which is activated with a FLÄSH led lamp.

After the whitening process, we immediately cover the teeth with a protective gel that prevents sensitivity after whitening. The active ingredient in the  whitening gel is similar to another very common dental bleaching method – using a whitening tray. The active ingredient is a similar substance in a smaller concentration, and the process is slower and the result weaker. But if the desired change of tone is smaller or you just want to maintain the result of  whitening, then you should take a look at the FLÄSH  home whitening kit or whitening toothpaste ( for maintaining).

Taking care of the teeth after whitening

During the first two days your food SHOULD NOT CONTAIN:

  • Nearly any herbal products, only white polished rice, white bread made of top grade flour, white boiled potato, white cabbage, cauliflower is allowed.
  • Tea (including herbal), coffee, cola, and other soft drinks, cocoa, chocolate, spices, natural wines and other alcoholic beverages, you should not smoke.
  • Industrially manufactured products that use different natural or artificial colourants, for example, yoghurt with fruit additives, colourful dessert creams, chocolate curd snacks, instant soups, sauces, broth cubes, margarine, vegetable oil.
  • Products that contain colourants (E100 – E180).

ADVICE: Before registering for the whitening procedure, it is recommended that you first come to a consultation.

After the whitening procedure, you should also think about changing your habits. The result will last much longer, if you drink coffee, tea, and juice through a straw to prevent direct contact with the teeth. It is also recommended to drink a glass of water or use whitening chewing gum after drinking red wine, for example. A particularly effective method is to use a White-Smile whitening pencil to cover the surface of teeth after eating pigmenting food.

You should definitely use toothpastes recommended by the doctor to prevent mechanical damages to the dental surfaces. Always recommended toothpastes are Opalescence and FLÄSH Care and repair toothpaste. You should also avoid rubbing your teeth too hard when brushing them.

Lastly, it is recommended that you have the Air-flow teeth cleaning procedure carried out before procedure and once a year after.

Confident smiling!

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