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Information about dental care compensation possibilities in Estonia

Tervisekassa pays benefits for dental care and dentures.

Free dental care is available for:

  • children and youths under the age of 19. Children need to be covered by Tervisekassa. Please ask our administrator to check it, when you book appointment;
  • people who need emergency care provided when postponing aid or not providing aid may cause the death or permanent injury to the patient. Whether or not a particular case calls for emergency care is decided by the dentist.

PLEASE NOTE: full price must be paid for all the services that are not included in the list of services to be compensated for. In addition, the service provider has the right to ask a patient to pay an appointment fee of up to 5 euros (except for pregnant women).

Tervisekassa will reimburse dental care to adults with health insurance

  • up to 40 euro per year,but 50% of the invoice will be paid by the patient.
  •  dental care benefit increases up to 85 euros per year:
    – for pregnant women and mothers of children under one year of age;
    – for old age pensioners;
    – for persons receiving pension for incapacity for work;
    – for persons with partial or no work ability;
    – for persons over 63 years of age;
    – for persons with increased need for dental care.

The benefit will be taken into account at the time of payment to the dentist. The patients themselves pay at least 15% of the price of the services.

The amount and balance of the benefit can be checked at the national portal under „Dental care benefit and denture benefit informations“

Once every three years, the Tervisekassa compensates old-age and disability pensioners, health insured persons over the age of 63 and persons with partial or no ability to work for dentures in the amount of 260 euros.

Denture benefit is paid up to 260 euros over a three-year period.The benefit will be taken into account at the time of payment to the dentist.
Both health insured and uninsured adults have no right to receive free dental care, only emergency care that is provided for them in situations where the postponement of care or failure to provide care may cause the death or permanent damage to the health of the person requiring care. Whether the services provided can be regarded as emergency care is decided by the dentist.

For Any Urgent Inquiries:

Our administrator will get in contact as soon as possible

or call:

+372 6756 444, +372 5081 684